Welcome to Ipsos in China

          No. of staff: 1369
                - Quantitative staff:1184
                - Qualitative staff:155
                - P&G team members:30

          ASI, Marketing (CPG, Novaction, Retail & Shopper, I&S Vantis, Healthcare), Qualitative, Loyalty, MediaCT, Observer

      Sector Expertise
          FMCG, Automotive, Telecom/IT, Finance/Insurance, Healthcare, Tobacco, Tourism, Transportation, Utilities

          Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan

      Revenue (combined)
          99 million euro

      Rank (combined)  
          Number 1

      Fieldwork Capabilities
          CATI survey: Ipsos China Call Centre located in Chengdu, Beijing and Guangzhou,
               with 666 CATI stations using WinCati software.
          CAPI/CAVI survey: 350+ N notebook for CAPI/CAVI centre using Option One software
          2000+ experienced interviewers under the direction of 200 professional supervisors.
          Online survey: Ipsos Interactive Services (IIS) in China using global Confirmit platform, 3 million accessible                 panellists in China
          Qualitative: 16 fully-equipped focus group facilities

      Contact: Alick Zhou (alick.zhou@ipsos.com), Helen Lee (helen.lee@ipsos.com)

      Access to the website http://www.ipsos.com.cn
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